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CANKO Legal Consultancy: A Unique Law Firm in Newcastle

In the heart of Newcastle, a city known for its vibrant culture and historic architecture, stands a law firm that is making a difference. CANKO Legal Consultancy, co-founded by Can Canko, is not your typical law firm. With roots in both the UK and Turkey, it brings a unique perspective to the legal landscape.

Journey to becoming a law firm in Newcastle

Can Canko, a seasoned legal professional, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the firm. He obtained his Bachelor of Law (LLB) from the University of Buckingham in 2007 and started his career in Istanbul, Turkey. He worked in the Corporate and Capital Markets department of a Legal 500 leader law firm for nearly 3.5 years. During this time, he also obtained a Turkish Law Degree Equivalence from Dokuz Eylul University.

In 2011, Can was admitted to the Istanbul Bar Association as an Attorney-at-law. A year later, he and his wife Pinar Canko founded CANKO Law Firm in Istanbul. The firm served with 28 consultant attorney-at-laws and Can himself qualified as a Mediator in 2020 with nearly a full score from the Mediation Exam.

Relocation to the UK

In 2023, Can decided to relocate to the UK. He passed the SQE in his first try and became a Solicitor in England and Wales. He then co-founded CANKO Legal Consultancy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He currently supervises complex contracts, employment, and commercial matters, and leads complex litigations and dispute resolution.

A Unique Perspective

What sets Can apart is his unique perspective, shaped by his experiences in different and harder jurisdictions. His resilience and exposure to complex situations have equipped him with the skills to handle even the most challenging cases. Over his 17-year career, he has been involved in Turkey’s largest Mergers & Acquisition deals, amounting to more than $15 billion in total. He is a commercial litigator and expert in contracts, employment, compensation, and civil litigation. His solo litigation count exceeds 500 cases, and he has prepared over 1,500 complex commercial contracts.

CANKO Legal Consultancy, under the leadership of Can Canko, is more than just a law firm. It’s a testament to resilience, a beacon of expertise, and a symbol of the unique contributions that diverse experiences can bring to the legal field. Whether you need assistance with commercial law, employment contracts, or policy legislation, CANKO Legal Consultancy is here to make a difference.


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Can Canko

Employment, Contracts and Commercial Law

  • 17 years of legal experience

  • +500 case litigated (solo) globally

  • 276 appeals

  • 153 mediations

  • +$15bn transactional experience

  • Civil and common law qualifications

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