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About our Firm

Started practising law in 2007 Att. Can Canko and Att. Sunal Pınar Canko formed CANKO Law Firm in Istanbul in 2012. After 11 years of they decided to widen their client portfolio by starting a business in UK. Accordingly, CANKO Consultancy Ltd was incorporated in Newcastle upon Tyne to provide business and legal consultancy services in UK. Firm started its activities on April 2023 as a boutique law firm serving private and corporate clients in the North East.


SRA regulation


CANKO Consultancy Ltd is not regulated by SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), however both Mrs. Canko (Foreign Qualified Lawyer) and Mr. Canko (Solicitor) are regulated by SRA. Mr. Canko is also an Associate Mediator regulated by Civil Mediation Council.

Reserved legal services (such as litigation, filing claims, appear in court) in UK listed in other sections of this website are carried out via our litigation partner RGF Lawyers Limited ("RGF Lawyers"). RGF Lawyers is a SRA Regulated law firm (SRA firm number 8004856 and Companies House number 14920678). Mrs. Canko and Mr. Canko are Consultant Lawyers at RGF Lawyers . When asked to carry out reserved legal services Mrs. Canko and Mr. Canko carry out under the umbrella and supervision of RGF Lawyers .

Turkiye regulation

Mr. Canko (Istanbul Bar No:41830) and Mrs. Canko (Istanbul Bar No:40232) are both Attorney-at-law and member of Istanbul Bar Association. They are regulated by Istanbul Bar Association and can advice and litigate in Turkey without any restriction.


As our firm is not regulated by the SRA we are not required to have professional indemnity insurance that meets the SRA’s minimum terms and conditions. This means that while the SRA requires regulated firms to have a certain level of insurance to protect clients in case something goes wrong, these requirements do not apply to our firm. Secondly, because we are not regulated by the SRA, clients will not be able to make a claim on the SRA Compensation Fund. This fund exists to compensate clients of regulated firms in case of loss due to dishonesty or failure to account for money received. As our firm is not regulated by the SRA, this protection is not available to our clients. However, Canko Consultancy Ltd holds Public Liability, Employer's Liability (upto £10 mil) and Professional Indemnity (upto £5 mil) insurance policy from Simply Business - Chiswell Insurance with Policy Number: CHBS4395859XB valid until March 2025 renewed yearly. If you require further information about the amount and scope of this cover, we would be happy to provide it.

About Us

Pinar Canko.png

Pinar Canko

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Foreign Qualified Lawyer - SRA UK

Attorney-at-law - Istanbul Bar Association

Court Expert - Istanbul Court House

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Can Canko

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Solicitor - SRA England and Wales

Attorney-at-law - Istanbul Bar Association

Mediator - UK & TR

Arbitrator - MCIArb

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