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Real Estate


Due to recent changes in the economy investing in real estate market yielded unmatched profit for foreign investors. Buying real estate in Turkey for international clients is easy. However title deed registries must be checked thoroughly, failure to render necessary due diligence may end up losing the property.

In many cases we see that our clients were sold properties without certificate of residency which may even result in demolish of the property leaving the investor empty handed. Our clients seek the following services in this respect:

  • Due diligence of the Title Deed Registry files

  • Review and legal analysis of Management Plan of the buildings (Critically important)

  • Verification of architectural plans their application

  • Preliminary investigation of real estate due-diligence

  • Intermediary for real estate purchase agreements

  • Follow-up of the execution of construction (work) contracts

  • Title deed registration (performance of completion of conveyance)

  • Compensation cases (delays, non-performance, un-compliance)

  • Lawsuits for repairing defects

  • Performance of contructual obligations

  • Offsetting, force majeure cases

  • Objections to municipal plans and project annulments

Our expert in this field is Can Canko. For more information you can reach Can Canko from

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