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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

Recently serious improvements have been made paving the way for obtaining Turkish citizenship. We handle & supervise the whole process via Power of Attorney in most cases without presence of our clients. We assist our clients with:

  • due diligence

  • market research reports

  • obtain detailed title deed record of the property (debt, attachment, bank lien etc.)

  • contracts with real estate agents and banks

  • official evaluation of the property

  • full supervision of title deed transfer by at least 1 attorney (A-Z)

  • Government backed secure money exchange

  • 1 year residence permit

  • citizenship application

  • passport application

Application Methods

1. Buying Real Estate

  • The Government reduced the requirements for citizenship by real estate purchase from USD 1.000.000 to USD 400.000, which is equivalent to a %60 reduction.

  • Accordingly, the Government allows applications for citizenship by purchasing real estate worth at least USD 400.000. In this programme Real estate can be sold after 3 years of the ownership without any restrictions other than the ones applied to citizens.

  • It is crucial that a due-diligence is made for such property assuring that it falls within the standards of the citizenship programme. Therefore consulting to professionals before such investment is considered a must. Failure to do so may result in instant refusal of application by the Government.

2. Making Bank deposit

  • The Government reduced the requirements for citizenship by bank deposit from USD 2.000.000 to USD 500.000, which is equivalent to a %75 reduction. Accordingly, citizenship applications will be possible to those who hold USD 500.000.

  • Such deposits can be withdrawn or transferred after 3 years.

Dollar Bills

​3. Other methods

There are other methods such as investing into government bonds, employment of certain number of employees in Turkey and investing in sectors approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. 

  • Purchase of government bonds with a minimum value of USD 500,000 held for at least 3 years

  • Establishment of an enterprise that creates jobs for at least 50 employees

  • Capital investment of at least USD 500,000

  • Minimum investment of USD 500,000 in a real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share kept for at least 3 years

Market Analysis

Our expert in this field is Can Canko. For more information you can reach Can Canko from

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