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Clinical Negligence


Clinical negligence, also known as medical malpractice, is a complex area of law that requires specialized legal services. These services aim to support individuals who have suffered harm due to the negligence of healthcare professionals. Here are 15 legal services related to clinical negligence:

  1. Criminal Complaints: Filing criminal complaints against healthcare professionals for gross negligence.

  2. Warning Letters: Drafting and sending warning letters to healthcare providers before initiating legal action.

  3. Issuance of Claims: Preparing and issuing claims against negligent healthcare providers.

  4. Dental Negligence: Handling cases of negligence in dental care, such as incorrect treatment or misdiagnosis.

  5. Botox Negligence: Dealing with cases where improper administration of Botox has led to harm.

  6. Surgical Negligence: Representing clients who have suffered harm due to surgical errors.

  7. Birth Injury Claims: Assisting parents in filing claims for birth injuries caused by medical negligence.

  8. Pharmaceutical Negligence: Managing cases of harm caused by incorrect medication prescription or administration.

  9. Hospital Negligence: Filing claims against hospitals for systemic negligence leading to patient harm.

  10. Misdiagnosis Claims: Assisting clients in cases where a misdiagnosis has led to harm or delayed treatment.

  11. Delayed Treatment: Handling cases where delay in treatment has led to patient harm.

  12. Psychiatric Harm: Representing clients who have suffered psychiatric harm due to medical negligence.

  13. Negligent Nursing Care: Assisting in cases where negligent nursing care has led to patient harm.

  14. Wrongful Death Claims: Representing families in cases where medical negligence has led to the wrongful death

  15. Settlement Negotiations: Negotiating settlements with healthcare providers or their insurance companies on behalf of clients.

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