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Pinar Canko  

Family Law

"Family law problems are more emotionally draining than other problems. The stakes are always high. It's not just another case, it's your family, your life and your future. Divorce is a proceeding that requires a high mental stability and each  step must be thought carefully beforehand. Underthinking or inadequate mental preparations may lead to irreversible results which may be regretted." 

Newcastle Family Lawyer

Family Law

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Family law is a practice area concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as divorce, adoption, divorce, heritage, alimony and child custody.  The following services are, mainly, sought after:


  • No-fault divorce

  • Financial consent orders

  • Inheritance law

  • Liquidation of family owned properties

  • Maintenance orders for minors and family members
  • Annulment of fraudulent property transactions to prevent collection of compensations

  • Alimony

  • Freezing orders, attachments and other precautions preventing dissolution of family properties


Divorce in UKFamily Law
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Divorce mythsFamily Law
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Our expert in this field is Pinar Canko. For more information you can reach Pinar Canko from

*As our firm is not regulated by SRA, reserved legal services such as filing divorce, financial orders and litigation are carried by Pinar Canko and Can Canko under our litigation partner RGF Lawyers Limited (SRA Regulated - SRA firm number 8004856 and Companies House number 14920678). Pinar Canko and Can Canko  are Consultant Lawyers at RGF Lawyers Limited.

Pinar Canko

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Family Law

  • 17 years of experience in family law in Turkey

  • Contentious Divorce

  • Financial orders

  • Maintenance, children

  • Challenging wills

  • Family law court expert in Istanbul Court

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