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Dispute Resolution and Litigation


Usually, lacking of communication and vague representation and undertakings during pre-contractual stage  results in serious disputes. For this reason, businesses negotiations should be rendered by professionals tailored to companies' needs. Establishing detailed resolution methods before signings is crucial.


Our clients mainly seeks the following services:

  • Receivables lawsuits

  • Compensation lawsuits

  • Agency compensation lawsuits

  • Compensation lawsuits arising from traffic or workplace  accidents

  • Damage cases arising from transportation

  • Compensation and exact performance cases for breach of contract

  • Collection of exchange rate/inflation difference due to late payment

  • Insurance compensation lawsuits

  • Receivables and compensation cases arising from construction and development

  • Hospital and doctor negligence cases

  • Injuries and deaths due to traffic accidents, disabilities and rights of caregivers

  • Commercial compensation lawsuits

  • Consumer compensation due to dentist, estatic clinic, doctor or other type of professional negligence

  • Enforcement collection of compensations

  • Administrative complaints

  • Bankruptcy, bankruptcy postponement, composition applications

Our expert in this field is Can Canko. For more information you can reach Can Canko from

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