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What is Lawyer Called in Turkey?

What is a Lawyer Called in Turkey?

The legal profession is a field that varies greatly from one country to another, with each having its own unique terminology and practices. In Turkey, the term used to refer to a lawyer is “Avukat”. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what an “Avukat” is and the role they play in the Turkish legal system.

The Term “Avukat”

The term “Avukat” finds its roots in the Ottoman Empire, where legal practitioners were referred to as “vakıf-ü’l vekâlet,” signifying representatives of endowment offices. Over time, this term underwent changes and adaptations, eventually evolving into “avukat.” This evolution was closely tied to the emergence of a modern legal system in Turkey.

The transition from the Ottoman Empire to the modern Republic of Turkey brought about significant changes in various sectors, including the legal field. The term “avukat” was officially established as the title for legal practitioners, replacing the earlier terminology. This shift aimed to align legal terminology with contemporary legal systems while preserving a connection to historical roots.

Role of an Avukat in the Turkish Legal System

An Avukat holds a pivotal role in the Turkish legal system, representing clients’ interests and advocating for justice. They provide legal advice, represent clients in court proceedings, draft legal documents, and engage in various forms of dispute resolution. The title “avukat” signifies not just legal expertise, but also a commitment to upholding justice


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